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Чӣ тавр интихоб кардани мебели чӯбӣ?

Вақт: 2022-06-21 Хитҳо: 4

Generally, wooden furniture should be selected to be dry, and its stability is stronger. The sound of man-made panels being beaten is relatively low, and the wooden pieces of the box will emit a thumping drum sound. Determine the size of the furniture at home, especially the size of the sofa, determine the size of the living room, and reserve the space for the coffee table and people to move. Difference. So when buying a sofa, be sure to open the cushion to see the material inside, and the base of the sofa is also very important, you can turn it over to see if it is solid wood or other materials. You get what you pay for every penny, pay attention to the material, don’t buy a bad sofa at a high price.

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