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Тарҳрезии толори конфронс

Вақт: 2022-06-08 Хитҳо: 4

The furniture in the conference room should be ventilated. It is not ruled out that some meetings may allow colleagues or customers to smoke, but space ventilation is still a point that needs attention. Dull spaces often limit the performance of people's brains. Conference rooms are often the places where companies make major decisions. Poor sound insulation is a very serious problem both externally and internally. The noisy environment outside affects the thinking of internal staff, and at the same time, the privacy of the meeting cannot be guaranteed. The sound insulation effect is also the first point that requires great attention. The overall design of the conference room and the office needs to be consistent. Remember not to decorate with too many colors that are too saturated, which will cause visual fatigue, and avoid the unpleasant reaction of stealing light. Beige and gray are commonly used decorative colors, and they can also better settle the space.

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